20 April 2011

Innovation? Thank you, no need!

St. Petersburg expert: there is no demand for innovations in Russia

In St. Petersburg, as well as in Russia as a whole, there is no demand for innovations yet, and this is the number one problem in implementing innovation policy. According to the correspondent of IA REGNUM, this was announced yesterday, April 19, at a meeting of the city government in Smolny by the rector of ITMO, Chairman of the Council of Rectors of Universities of St. Petersburg Vladimir Vasiliev. Vasiliev noted that in 2010, 10% of Russian enterprises were engaged in technological innovations, while in Germany the share of such enterprises was 70%, in Finland – 50%.

"Innovation processes also depend on budget policy, tariffs, taxes, customs," Vasiliev said, "I am the rector of the university, but when I hear how the heads of enterprises shout because energy tariffs have risen by 70%, what can we say about long–term innovation planning." The head of the council believes that higher education cannot meet the demand for high-tech specialists capable of working with modern innovative technologies.

According to Vasiliev, in the new program of measures to implement the innovation policy of St. Petersburg, it is necessary to create a program of innovative development of enterprises with the mandatory involvement of universities and research organizations for "bright innovative projects, for example, the creation of a geoinformation system for the ground and underground space of the city."

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