27 February 2014

It won't be enough!

Thousands of residents of Skolkovo are not enough for the Russian Federation, Vekselberg believes

Anton Andreev, RIA NovostiThe number of residents of the Skolkovo Innovation Center is still not enough for a country like Russia, Viktor Vekselberg, president of the Skolkovo Foundation, said on Thursday at one of the venues of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum.

According to him, now there are more than a thousand residents in the innovation center — these are the companies that have been selected, while the fund has received more than ten thousand applications from startups.

"To date, the fund has more than a thousand residents. We always ask ourselves the question: is it a lot or a little? Answer: infinitely few. Not enough for a country like ours. Not enough, because we really see the number of initiatives. The number of companies that today fully meet the requirements that we impose on startups is significantly, significantly more," Vekselberg said.

He also noted that in the next two years, the innovation center will maintain the principle of extraterritorial selection of residents, which gives entrepreneurs from different regions of Russia the opportunity to use the benefits and state support that exist at the place of registration of residents.

The Skolkovo Innovation Center is to become Russia's largest testing ground for a new economic policy. Special conditions for research and development, including the creation of energy and energy-efficient technologies, nuclear, space, biomedical and computer technologies, will be created on a specially designated territory in the near Moscow region.

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