20 February 2009

Knowledge-intensive production and innovation: the basis and superstructure

Vladimir Ivanov: "It is pointless to develop innovation infrastructure in isolation from the real sector"Small innovative firms sooner or later cease to exist if there are no large structures capable of providing mass production of their innovative products.
It is necessary first to develop high-tech production in the real sector of the economy, and only then to support the innovation infrastructure.

Vladimir V. Ivanov, Head of the Scientific and Organizational Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director for Science of the Institute of Problems of Development of Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Technical Sciences

Experts predict that the state will significantly reduce spending on investment programs in the research and development sector and on the development of innovation infrastructure. Are these measures really justified?— It is by no means possible to seriously reduce the funding of research and development!

By the time the crisis is over, the country should have a "critical mass" of innovative high-tech technologies ready for investment and further implementation in production. Otherwise we will fall into such a hole... I'm not even ready to continue…

By the way, we are already feeling a reduction in funding for the Russian Academy of Sciences, but, fortunately, it is not critical yet.

As for the innovation infrastructure, in my opinion, the problem is not even whether it is right to continue financing it or not. It makes no sense to create an innovation infrastructure that is not tied to the real sector of the economy. Its task, to put it simply, is to ensure the transfer of technology from science to industry. If we have a knowledge-intensive industry, then it is clear what the innovative infrastructure is doing, otherwise everything hangs in the air. It is simply unclear who will be the consumer of innovations of small firms-residents of technoparks.

In my opinion, we partially mix the concepts of small business in the traditional sense and small business in the scientific and technological sphere. Small business mainly focuses on a specific person as a consumer of goods and services. But in the scientific and technical sphere, it is focused on structures that can provide mass production of innovative products. If there are no such structures, most small firms sooner or later cease to exist. I think we should now give preference to the development of high-tech production in the real sector of the economy. And as the need for research and development matures in the real sector, to develop innovative infrastructure.

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