23 April 2014

Life Extension Grant

Biologists intend to significantly extend people's lives

Ilya Ponosov, Rossiyskaya GazetaCompanies from the United States and Hong Kong, whose activities are based on the development of Russian scientists to prolong human life, received $ 18 million from the international fund Deep Knowledge Ventures to continue research.

According to ITAR-TASS, Syktyvkar biologist Alexey Moskalev and his colleagues from MIPT Anton Buzdin and Alex Zhavoronkov published an article on the search for drugs that can significantly prolong life using computer technology. Now research and development continues on the basis of biomedical companies in the USA and Hong Kong. In addition to prolonging life, new technologies will make it possible to fight cancer more effectively.

– A team of system and molecular biologists, mathematicians, bioinformatics, oncologists and IT specialists was able to create a methodology for analyzing biomolecular data of a patient's cancer tumor for the purpose of personalized selection of targeted chemotherapy, - said Associate Professor at MIPT Alex Zhavoronkov.

According to him, an international team of scientists has developed an unparalleled OncoFinder system – a computer platform designed to analyze the gene expression profile of a particular patient's tumor and compare it with normal gene expression. The results of the analysis allow us to identify at the molecular level the causes that led to the formation of a tumor and to choose the best chemotherapy drug.

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