01 September 2017

Limit confirmation

Dutch scientists reported on the determination of the age limit of a person

Sergey Sysoev, Naked Science

A group of researchers from the University of Erasmus reported on Thursday that the statistics they collected make it possible to confidently estimate the "ceiling" of human life expectancy. According to scientists, it does not depend on the quality of nutrition, medicine and generally on the standard of living.

The statistical sample that served as the basis for such large-scale conclusions has 75 thousand people who have died in the last thirty years. The age of all the "participants" at the time of death was precisely known.

Over the past thirty years, the average life expectancy has grown significantly. The number of people who have lived to 95 years has almost tripled during this time. Nevertheless, the age limit that centenarians managed to reach remained without noticeable changes. People live longer on average, but the maximum age at the same time practically does not change.

According to Professor John Einmahl, women can live up to 115.7 years, and men a little less — up to 114.1 years.

Only very few record holders, like the Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalman, who lived to be 122 years old, manage to cross this milestone. The existence of such records complicates statistics, but it cannot radically change its results.

The authors of the study promise to publish a detailed article in a reputable peer-reviewed journal "within the next month or so." This circumstance does not yet allow us to accept their results as a full-fledged scientific work, but, generally speaking, they look quite plausible.

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