22 May 2013

Lost weight to death

In France, the criminal trial on the case of the drug "Mediator" has been resumed

FarmvestnikThe French court has resumed the criminal trial in the case of the drug "Mediator", which could provoke the death of hundreds of people, reports 1tv.ru .

In the dock are employees and the head of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, 91-year-old Jacques Servier. He is accused of hiding information about the deadly properties of the drug.

The medicine was prescribed to people suffering from overweight and diabetic patients. It turned out that the pills contained amphetamines that cause disorders in the cardiovascular system, which could eventually lead to a heart attack.

The drug has been on sale for more than thirty years. According to various sources, during this time, about 2,000 people died due to receiving a Mediator. Now the plaintiffs – mostly relatives of the victims – are seeking compensation for damages and fair punishment of the perpetrators.

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