30 November 2015

Maybe the safety of cosmetics will be checked on deputies?

A bill banning the testing of cosmetics on animals has been submitted to the State Duma

The bill on the requirements for quality control of perfumery and cosmetic products and its ingredients was introduced to the State Duma by deputies Igor Igoshin (United Russia) and Sergey Doronin (Fair Russia), the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports. 

It also establishes requirements for quality control–related production processes - to protect human life and health, stimulate biotechnological progress in Russia, protect the environment, prevent cruelty to animals, as well as prevent actions misleading consumers about its purpose and safety.

The bill introduces a ban on the use of animals for educational and research purposes in the development of perfumery and cosmetic products and quality control, as well as in the field of routine quality control using the means involved in the production of perfumery and cosmetic products and its ingredients.

The author of the bill Igoshin notes that the petition to ban animal testing has already gained more than 200 thousand signatures on the Internet. "That is, people are really concerned about this issue," he cited the argument for the adoption of the law.

In addition, according to the deputy, "the fact that some ingredient has been tested on animals does not guarantee people's health at all, and where there are alternative, proven research methods, it is necessary to use them."

He also drew attention to the ethical side of the issue. "Even the very name "toxicological tests" shows that such studies do not benefit animals at all. And of course, it is better to conduct them on other objects: on cells, on bacteria, by computer modeling," Igoshin believes.

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