08 October 2009

Nanodiagnostics of blood clotting

Rusnano will invest in medicine
Nano Daijdest 

Rusnano invests in the medical project "Development of a new method for diagnosing blood clotting disorders". The project involves the creation of devices and one-time tests that allow the diagnosis of blood clotting levels. According to the developers, there are no analogues of such a device in world medicine.

As Fazoil Ataullakhanov, director of the Center for Theoretical Problems of Physico-Chemical Pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, noted in his speech at the Second International Forum on Nanotechnology, the project is the fruit of 12 years of hard work of domestic scientists, but only now, with the direct participation of Rusnano, is entering the stage of mass production of devices.

The state of the blood is a complex balance that can be shifted both in the direction of reduced blood clotting and in the direction of increased, so-called hypercoagulation. The latter condition is detected in almost 80% of people who have crossed the fifty-year barrier and often leads to thrombosis and thromboembolism – blockage of the vessel by blood clots. The latter, in turn, is fraught with a heart attack or stroke.

Currently, in the study of blood coagulation, blood serum is defended under certain conditions for 24-48 hours. The method developed by scientists is unique because it is a simulation of natural conditions in which blood clotting occurs. To do this, the blood is placed in a cuvette, the nanocoating of which simulates a damaged vessel wall and is an artificial analogue of a cell membrane on which correctly oriented thromboplastin protein molecules are located. A special camera monitors the rate of formation of a blood clot in the blood.

The total amount of funds invested in the project is 1.15 billion rubles. The share of Rusnano in the authorized capital is the most significant and amounts to 480 million rubles, but the authors of the project contribute almost the same amount – 438 million rubles, in addition, 68 million rubles is the contribution of a co-investor. The company will also be provided with a loan in the amount of 95 million rubles. According to the plan, serial production of the device will be launched in the first quarter of 2012. It is known that many European countries, as well as the USA, on the territory of which part of the research was carried out, are interested in purchasing this device.

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