20 December 2016

New approaches in tissue engineering

How was the international conference-school held in KFU

Natalia Doroshkevich

The Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of Krasnodar Federal University hosted an international conference-school of young scientists dedicated to new approaches in tissue engineering.

It must be said that the event was organized with the support of a grant from the Russian Academy of Sciences, implemented by the head of the international Research Institute "Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine" Paolo Macchiarini in research work – the creation of a tissue-engineered esophagus, orthotopic transplants of tissue-engineered esophageal skeletons in lower primates.

In total, 15 reports of researchers from research institutes, research institutes of Russia, Italy, Germany, India were presented at the conference-school.

Opening the school, IFMiB Director Andrey Kiyasov noted that even a regular meeting of scientists to discuss such a topic already brings benefits.

The moderator of the conference, Roman Deev (Senior Researcher of the OpenLab virtual Gene and Cell Technologies IFMiB KFU, Director of Science of the Institute of Human Stem Cells), told more about the relevance and importance of the scientific direction.

"It is not by chance that this conference is being held within the walls of the Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology of KFU – as you know, biomedicine and regenerative medicine are the main vectors of the development of medical education in KFU," he said. – In addition, tissue engineering is one of the most rapidly developing areas of modern medicine. And the more we do, the more we learn, the more questions we have. Of course, tissue engineering is not the only area of development of regenerative medicine, and today during the discussion of young scientists we will definitely talk about it, exchange opinions. Moreover, our program is extremely rich – today leading scientists, surgeons, materials scientists, biologists from various regions of not only our country have arrived in Kazan. This once again underlines how serious a conversation we are going to have today!"

Roman Deev emphasized that CFU researchers are often published on the pages of the scientific and practical journal "Genes and Cells" headed by him - moreover, expanded multi–page issues were made for CFU for two years in a row.

It is important to note that the conference program was designed in such a way as, firstly, to demonstrate the practical, clinical relevance of the issues that are being developed in laboratories, then to give an overview of what is being done in laboratories today and, finally, to discuss the challenges and problems of the scientific direction on the discussion platform of young scientists.

Thus, the possibilities of regenerative medicine in the treatment of esophageal diseases were introduced to the participants by a representative of one of the best hospitals in Russia – the Research Institute "Regional Clinical Hospital No. 1 of Krasnodar – N.V. Narizhny. Further, the pros and cons of biological and synthetic scaffolds in tissue engineering, the production and clinical use of artificial materials to create a tissue-engineered esophagus, biomechanical research in translational tissue engineering were considered.

In conclusion, his report on the topic "Approaches to the creation of a tissue-engineered esophagus. Paolo Macchiarini presented the results of orthotopic transplantations of tissue-engineered skeletons to the esophagus in lower primates within the framework of the RNF Grant project No. 14-45-00018. More information about the program and the list of speakers can be found here.

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