19 April 2016

Non-allergenic eggs

Laying hens whose eggs are harmless to allergy sufferers have been bred in Japan

Alexey Zavrachaev, TASS

Japanese scientists from the National Institute of Advanced Technical Sciences and Technologies have developed a new variety of chicken that lacks a gene that causes an allergic reaction when eating poultry. This was reported by NHK.

Specialists used the method of genomic editing, which allows manipulating cells with greater accuracy than conventional genetic engineering. Scientists have removed a gene that leads to the appearance of an allergen called ovomucoid in egg white – it is he who usually causes a protective reaction.

During the experiments, experts managed to breed several chickens that lay eggs that absolutely do not cause allergies. After some time, it is planned to conduct clinical trials on patients whose use of this product is rejected by the body.

An inadequate reaction to eggs is considered quite common among children: in some of them, the use of this product causes a rash and inflammation on the skin. Allergy sufferers, sensitive to yolk and protein, in most cases cannot eat chicken meat without consequences. By the age of six, 80% of babies usually have allergies by themselves, without the intervention of doctors. However, sometimes it is found in adulthood.

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