29 September 2017

Obesity begins in the brain

Scientists have named the main cause of obesity

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A group of scientists from the Brazilian University of Campinas published the results of a study that allowed to establish the root cause of obesity. This is reported in a press release on the EurekAlert portal (Study allows establishing a timeline of obesity).

According to Dr. Licio Velloso, who presented a report at the conference of the Foundation for Scientific Research of the State of Sao Paulo, not so long ago scientists were able to establish that a change in the intestinal microflora and the death of specific neurons in the hypothalamus leads to rapid weight gain. However, until now it has been a mystery which of these processes is started first.

To find out, scientists conducted a series of experiments on mice. Rodents were prescribed a special diet with a high content of saturated fats, which was supposed to lead to metabolic disorders.

Already on the first day of the experiment, the researchers recorded changes in the neurosecretory cells of the hypothalamus, while the composition of the intestinal microflora remained the same for two weeks. As a result, scientists came to the conclusion that it is the death of neurons that regulate the feeling of satiety that leads to a "chain reaction" throughout the body.

Now specialists will have to find a way to restore neurons lost due to an unbalanced diet. "This is only the first step, but perhaps it will help to achieve a therapeutic solution to the problem of obesity in the future," said Velloso.

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