16 July 2008

Ointment instead of injections

Marina Starkova, Pharmaceutical BulletinSilicon and silicon titanium–containing hydrogels - a new generation of bases for external use products are coming out of the laboratories of scientists into clinical practice.

Their main characteristic is the ability to effectively transfer medicinal substances through the skin and mucous membranes. Due to this property, pharmaceutical compositions based on silicon-organic hydrogels have great prospects in dentistry, gynecology, treatment of joint diseases and other areas of medicine.

Currently, developers are preparing to conduct a series of clinical trials. According to scientists, the drugs have already been highly evaluated by Roszdravnadzor experts.

The development has been awarded high support more than once. The Institute of Organic Synthesis and the Ural State Medical Academy (on the basis of which preclinical tests were conducted) twice received a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research on this topic. And also – the support of the regional Government.

Currently, chemists continue to work in terms of modification of silica gel compounds. Pharmacologists are considering the possibility of creating several soft dosage forms based on them, as well as the possibility of transdermal drug delivery, for which an injectable method of administration was previously used.

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