12 December 2012

Online training for doctors: demand exceeds supply

Demand for online educational projects for doctors is growing in Europe

Weekly Pharmacy www.apteka.ua based on the materials of EPG Health MediaAccording to the results of research published by EPG Health Media (Europe) Ltd, which develops and implements solutions for effective communications, there is an increasing demand in Europe for online services that provide the opportunity for postgraduate training for doctors.

So, according to the survey, over the past 2 years there has been an increase in the popularity of such resources by 50%. At the same time, the growth of supply in this segment of the information services market does not keep pace with the increase in demand for educational programs for doctors. In particular, 94% of respondents noted that they would like to participate in more educational programs, and 30% reported that it is the lack of a sufficient number of such projects that prevents meeting demand.

As for the issue of financing educational programs for doctors by pharmaceutical companies, only 16% of medical professionals who participated in the study negatively assessed such practices. Speaking about the main problems in this area, 51% of the surveyed medical professionals noted that the points awarded for completing educational programs online are counted only in the country in which the doctor practices.

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