24 June 2013

Patch-vaccine: first results

Japan has developed a flu vaccine in the form of a patch

<url>A group of researchers from the Ministry of Health of Japan announced the development of a dermal patch that allows you to painlessly inject a flu vaccine, the website of NHK (Flu vaccine patch developed) reports.

The development belongs to scientists from the University of Osaka. According to Associate Professor Naoki Okada, who heads the research group, a round vaccine patch with a diameter of about 1 cm has about 250 tiny needles. The length of each of them is approximately 0.8 mm. They are made from a compressed component of the flu vaccine and hyaluronic acid.

The needles are so short that the patient will not feel any pain. After penetration into the skin, hyaluronic acid will transfer the component of the vaccine into the tissues, and it will dissolve itself.

The developers have already conducted clinical trials of the patch on 20 adult men and received the same level of effectiveness as with the traditional method of administration of the vaccine. At the same time, about half of the subjects noted redness and swelling at the place of attachment of the patch, but no more serious side effects were observed.

The researchers plan to continue clinical trials. The practical use of the vaccine patch may begin within 5-10 years.

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