26 February 2015

Professor Canavero's head

Full-body transplants will be possible within two years, says controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero (Ian Johnston, The Independent).
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Controversial surgeon Sergio Canavero:
in two years it will be possible to transplant the whole body

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Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero claims that in two years the world's first full–body transplant will be possible - sewing the patient's head to the donor's body, The Independent's Ian Johnston reports. According to him, this is a way to save people with incurable cancer or diseases that destroy the nervous and muscular system.

In 1970, such an operation was performed on a monkey, but 9 days later the body's immune system rejected the head.

Canavero states: "In my opinion, we have reached a level where all the technical aspects of this operation are feasible."

Other surgeons are skeptical, the correspondent reports. "I don't think it will ever work: there would be too many problems with this operation," said Harry Goldsmith of the University of California.

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