11 February 2015

Rapid Ebola test – on sale soon

In March, an express Ebola test will appear in pharmacies

VademecumA test that determines the presence of Ebola virus in a patient's blood within a few minutes has been developed by the German company STADA.

The product will go on sale in March 2015.

The test is a joint product of STADA and Senova, a company specializing in the development of rapid immunobiological tests.

The system allows you to identify antigens in patient samples and diagnose the presence of the Ebola virus in 10 minutes, according to Reuters. STADA is confident that the development will "simplify and accelerate the introduction of quarantine in the disaster zone." The pharmaceutical company said in a statement that the cost of one set of tests will be 3.2 euros ($ 3.66).

The test was tested on more than a hundred samples from Guinea, one of the countries affected by the Ebola epidemic.

For the diagnosis of Ebola fever in the deceased, preliminary preparation of samples is not required. "The viral load of the deceased is so high that even a simple smear from the throat is enough for a quick diagnosis," says Hans–Herman Seffin, the owner of Senova, in a message.

In other cases, the blood must be divided into phases using a small centrifuge – such devices are available in all mobile centers fighting the spread of the epidemic.

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