27 September 2016

Reprogram a cancer cell

How Microsoft Researchers and Biologists "solve" the cancer problem

Microsoft Press Center

Someday we will be able to simply reprogram a cancer cell. We will not treat the problem, but rather "solve" it as a task. Now this is an adventure, but it is actively developing along with more traditional projects.

Microsoft Research specialists are not only concerned with codes, security issues, data visualization, etc. They use their knowledge to solve one of the most difficult and deadly problems of our time – the fight against cancer. Artificial intelligence, machine learning technologies, natural language processing and computer vision become an ally of scientists. The work goes in several ways in parallel:

  • analysis of a huge database of existing knowledge to find the optimal treatment method for a particular patient;
  • assisting doctors and radiologists in tracking the progress of the tumor to personalize treatment;
  • creating algorithms to help model how cancer develops and understand how to fight it in the best way;
  • trial experiments on cell programming and system debugging, similar to how we work with computers.

What is Bio Model Analyzer and Literome, how clouds help to revolutionize cancer treatment, what kind of people are engaged in these studies, what kind of education they received, how they work at the intersection of computer science and biology, why it's worth remembering the name Project Hanover right now – in the new Microsoft News Center special project (in English).

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