20 March 2009

Russian-Israeli nanotechnology

Anatoly Chubais: Russia is ready to invest in Israeli nanotechnologyRussia is looking for opportunities to cooperate with Israel in the field of high technologies and is ready to finance Israeli developments.

This was stated yesterday, March 19, in a conversation with a correspondent NEWSru.co.il Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of the Russian State Corporation of Nanotechnology RUSNANO, who is on an official visit to Israel these days.

"Israel is one of the leaders in the field of innovative technologies, with its own models and recognized results, and this is interesting for us," Chubais stressed. – RUSNANO has a huge reserve in our field, and in general – in the innovative economy. Therefore, in Israel we meet with scientists, financial companies, venture capital companies, and politicians."

RUSNANO's Russian delegation arrived in Israel on March 18. Anatoly Chubais will stay in Israel for three days, which, according to him, is "a considerable period." In addition to negotiations with representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade, venture funds, academia and leading companies in the field of nanotechnology, private meetings are also planned. "I have many friends in Israel, including among politicians," Chubais said.

Anatoly Chubais also said that Russia is ready to issue loans on very favorable terms and invest in Israeli companies. Russia is interested in both large Israeli holdings and small Israeli companies specializing in developments in the field of nanotechnology, including start-ups. "Applications for the implementation of projects in our technological process have been examined. Literally in the next two or three months we will be able to make a decision on financing," Chubais said in an interview NEWSru.co.il .

At the same time, Mr. Chubais made it clear that the loan offer "on very favorable terms" includes certain requirements from the Russian side. In particular, Russia will insist that the entire production part be carried out at Russian enterprises.

RTVi TV channel has prepared a special interview with Anatoly Chubais, which will be aired next weekend in the program "Israel for a Week". Anatoly Chubais will talk about the plans of the largest Russian state corporation for financial cooperation with Israel against the background of the economic crisis in an interview with RTVi host Mikhail Dzhaginov.

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