12 October 2009

Russian pharmaceutical industry will be treated in clusters

The tablets were divided into zonesMargarita Parfenenkova, RBC
On Friday, at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin about the future of the pharmaceutical industry, it was announced the creation of a pharmaceutical cluster in Zelenograd on the basis of the Binnopharm plant, one of the assets of AFK Sistema.

Over the past month, this is the third statement on the implementation of such a project: earlier, the authorities of St. Petersburg and Yaroslavl reported on the creation of pharmaceutical clusters. According to the Prime Minister, such tactics will double the share of domestic drugs, which is now only 20%.

At a meeting in Zelenograd, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin noted that the state of affairs in the pharmaceutical industry is unsatisfactory, since the share of products of the existing 350 Russian pharmaceutical enterprises does not exceed 20% of the market in value terms, the rest of the market is occupied by imported drugs. As a result of the implementation of the pharmaceutical industry development strategy by 2020, the share of Russian enterprises should increase to 50%, Mr. Putin believes.

The "receiving" party offered its recipe for reviving pharmaceutical production: AFK Sistema wants to create a pharmaceutical cluster on the basis of its newly built Binnopharm enterprise in Zelenograd. According to the president of the company Leonid Melamed, another pharmaceutical enterprise "Sistema" will enter the cluster, for which a 20-hectare site is reserved in Zelenograd. The company plans to create a Binnopharma research base there as well. According to Mr. Melamed, negotiations are also underway with Rusnano on the implementation of a joint project to develop innovative medicines.

Sistema has invested 4.3 billion rubles in the Binnopharm pharmaceutical complex, which was officially opened on Friday, since 2006. The company is already producing a vaccine against hepatitis B and has received a state contract for the purchase of 18 million doses. Binnopharm also registers a portfolio of 20 new drugs designed for the treatment of hematological, oncological and infectious diseases. And in the next six months, according to the general director of the company Maxim Uvarov, it is planned to start contract production. Now the plant is preparing to release 41 drugs of the state-owned company "Moschimpharmparaty", the production of which is being withdrawn from the center of Moscow.

Zelenograd Technopark for pharmaceutical companies became the third, the creation of which was announced over the past month. At the end of September, the governor of the Yaroslavl region announced the allocation of 100 hectares for pharmaceutical production near the Novoselki Industrial Park. The first company that decided to build its own plant in the Yaroslavl cluster was Nycomed, which intends to invest 65-75 million euros in the project.

In the summer, an agreement was signed with the Russian distributor R-Pharm, which is also going to build its own plant within this cluster. Negotiations are underway with three more Western pharmaceutical companies.

And last week, the authorities of St. Petersburg announced the creation of a pharmaceutical cluster, where it is planned to allocate a site for manufacturers of medicines and medical equipment. Now the city is negotiating with several foreign and domestic companies. Among them, the French AEC Partners and Novartis were previously named.

So far in Russia such projects exist only on paper, says the director of the CMI "Pharmexpert" David Melik-Huseynov. But he believes that foreign companies may be interested in participating in them, since the state is now pursuing a policy of reducing the share of foreign manufacturers in the system of public procurement of medicines. Preference will be given either to preparations of Russian companies, or manufactured or packaged in Russia.

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