12 March 2018

Russian Sequencer

An affordable genome decoder will be created in Russia


Skolkovo will create the first domestic genome decoder. According to Izvestia, the cost of a third–generation DNA sequencer will be less than 100 thousand dollars - similar imported devices are ten times more expensive.

The device is being developed by a resident of Skolkovo, GAMMA-DNA. The project is designed for four years, its total budget will be about 500 million rubles. The grant of the Skolkovo Foundation has been allocated so far only for the first stage and amounts to 29.2 million rubles.

GAMMA-DNA noted that about 65% of the manufactured devices will be delivered to medical institutions – diagnostic and perinatal centers, dispensaries and maternity hospitals. In addition, sequencers will be needed by customs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Currently, these devices are quite widely used in criminology.

Decoding the DNA of a particular person allows you to identify his predisposition to certain diseases and prevent them in time. The mass application of such technologies will give a start to the development of personalized medicine.

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