29 September 2011

Russians over 50 are promised a lot of advantages

50 plus
Will the experience of those who have turned half a century be in demand

Marina Gritsyuk, Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Federal Issue, 29.09.2011

In developed countries, mature age means stability, economic viability, priority in the labor market. In Russia, these are problems with employment, social insecurity and the need for earnings.

Yesterday, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Moscow hosted a presentation of the social project "50 plus", which in the future should bring the living conditions of Russians over 50 closer to Western standards.

As the Vice-Speaker of the Federation Council Svetlana Orlova noted, today almost a third of the inhabitants of Russia are people over 50 years old, and, unfortunately, the aging process of the population continues. The project "50 plus" is a strategic social initiative, the purpose of which is to return to people of mature age the vital and professional authority enjoyed by elders in a harmoniously developed society.

She gave an example that programs aimed at making the lives of people of mature age more interesting and meaningful are still working in a number of regions. So, in Kursk, people at the university can get a second or third education, and they have the opportunity to apply new knowledge in life. "I think there will be more such projects," she said.

Moreover, very little time will pass, and the activity of people of mature age will become very much in demand by the state – according to one of the forecasts, by 2025, the shortage of labor personnel in Russia will amount to ten million. Now we employ only 8 million older people out of 33 million, another 12 million would like to work, but are not in demand by the labor market, experts noted. The project involves the consolidation of the public and business in order to reverse negative trends.

"In many developed countries, special programs have been created for people whose age is indicated by the symbol 50 plus, civil services, business, services, tourism industry, communications, transport are focused on meeting their requests," says Maria Salutskaya, initiator and head of the organizing committee of the 50 Plus project. This successful experience will be the basis for the implementation of the project.

However, it is not yet known what specific steps will be taken to achieve this goal, what activities the project involves. It is only known that it will begin with the first Forum-exhibition "All the advantages of Adulthood", which will be held from November 1 to 3 in Moscow at Expocentre, where the best practices will be presented.

"If I can benefit this project, I will be glad to take part in it," said People's Artist of Russia Larisa Golubkina.

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