24 May 2010

Selected spermatozoa of the highest quality

American scientists have developed a method for selecting spermatozoa with "high-quality" DNACopper news
American scientists have developed a method for selecting spermatozoa with a high index of DNA integrity, according to PhysOrg (Researchers Develop Test to Identify

'Best' Sperm). Such cells provide the greatest probability of conception and the birth of healthy offspring.

Existing studies of male fertility (the ability to conceive) allow us to assess the concentration of sperm and sperm motility. However, they do not provide information about how much genetic material contained in male germ cells is suitable for fertilization.

With natural conception, the selection of the most "high–quality" sperm is carried out by the egg itself - only a male cell containing complete DNA can penetrate through its shell for fertilization; cells with a fragmented genome have minimal chances of fertilizing an egg.

However, when performing in vitro fertilization by injection of a sperm into an egg (ICSI), such selection is impossible. Researchers from Yale University have developed a method of cell selection that is as close to natural as possible.

They applied semen samples from 50 men to the surface, part of which was treated with hyaluronic acid, a component of the egg shell. When labeling spermatozoa with whole and fragmented DNA with fluorescent dyes of different colors, it turned out that cells with an intact genome were better bound to this substance than others (in the picture of the authors of the study – "high-quality" spermatozoa on a ring of hyaluronic acid).

Thus, the selection of spermatozoa by affinity to hyaluronic acid can increase the success of ICSI and reduce the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities in offspring.

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