27 November 2009

Shock wave – on erectile dysfunction

Doctors suggest treating impotence with shock wave therapy
ABC Magazine based on MSNBC: Shocking treatment helps erectile dysfunctionPatients suffering from erectile dysfunction usually take medications that temporarily restore sexual function, but do not cure the patient.

The new technique, which is presented by Yoram Vardi, head of the neurological department of the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa (Israel), will allow patients to finally get rid of this intimate, but very serious problem.

In animal studies, it has been proven that low-intensity shock wave therapy leads to the appearance of new blood vessels in tissues. Considering that one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction is a reduced blood supply to the penis, such a technique could have every chance of success, especially since 80% of patients with erectile dysfunction are people with problems with the cardiovascular system.

For the experiments, 20 volunteers were selected, on average 56 years old, with a diagnosis of "mild" or "moderate" erectile dysfunction. During each procedure, the genitals of the patients were treated with a low-energy shock-wave therapy device that looked like a computer mouse.

At the same time, a pressure of about 100 bar (or the same number of atmospheres in the usual non-metric units) was used. This is about 20 times more than the air pressure in a bottle of champagne, but less than the pressure that occurs under women's stiletto shoes, the owner of which weighs 60 kg.

Each area of the penis was treated with approximately 300 pulses for three minutes. The procedures were performed twice a week for three weeks and repeated the course after a three-week break. In 15 out of 20 men, there was a clear shift towards recovery, and at the same time no side effects.

However, Vardi warns that shockwave therapy is not a panacea in the case of erectile dysfunction, which can be caused by other factors besides circulatory disorders. Now scientists are conducting comparative studies of the new technique against a placebo background and with a large number of patients.

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