19 November 2010

"Skulachev ions" against cataracts: Phase II trials

The second phase of clinical trials of a cataract drug based on mitochondrial antioxidants – "Skulachev ions" - has begun in two hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Cataract is an eye disease characterized by clouding of the lens, which occurs as a result of aging. Currently, there are no effective medicinal treatments for this disease.

The basis of the medicine, made in the form of eye drops, is the mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ1. It was synthesized and characterized by the order of the Mitotech company by specialists of the Mitoengineering Research Institute of Moscow State University, the Belozersky Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology of Moscow State University and other scientific organizations participating in the biomedical project "Ions of Skulachev".

"The drug does not necessarily have to completely cure cataracts. Moreover, even if ten percent of patients have an improvement in their condition, it can be considered a success," explained Maxim Skulachev, CEO of Mitotech.

A drug against another ophthalmic disease, glaucoma, also created on the basis of the mitochondrial antioxidant SkQ1, began undergoing clinical trials in Moscow clinics in September 2010.

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