07 July 2011

Stem cells against heart attack: the first swallow

South Korea was the first to approve the treatment of heart attack with stem cellsCopper news
A South Korean pharmaceutical company will sell a stem cell-based medicine for patients who have had a heart attack.

According to The Star (South Korea back in stem cell spotlight with new treatment), FCB-Pharmicell has become the first company in the world to receive regulatory approval for trading this treatment method.

Permission to sell the drug Hearticellgram-AMI was issued by the Food and Drug Administration of South Korea (Korea Food and Drug Administration, KFDA). This medicine is made on the basis of somatic stem cells, which are obtained from the bone marrow of patients.

After that, the cell culture is grown in the laboratory to increase their population. Then the stem cells are injected directly into the coronary vessels and with the blood flow get to the affected areas of the heart muscle. These cells replace cardiomyocytes damaged as a result of a heart attack.

Clinical trials of Hearticellgram-AMI lasted about six years. In the course of studies, it was found that the contractile function of the heart in patients who had a heart attack increased by an average of six percent after one injection of the drug.

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