26 June 2015

Stem cells will come to Russia

The deputies will follow the scientists

This was told by the deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Sergey Dorofeev. According to him, the use of biomedical cell technologies will be strictly regulated. Dorofeev believes that the legalization of stem cells in Russia will contribute to the development of new methods of treatment, diagnosis and pharmacotherapy.

Meanwhile, the Communist Party deputy Alexander Kravets believes that the law will protect Russians from illegal experiments. "They will only allow what will be tested, and its effectiveness and safety will be proven. And know-how is the lot of research work, not health care," the parliamentarian said.

In addition, the State Duma does not exclude the appearance of a separate body based on Roszdravnadzor, which will monitor the use of stem cells. This is how the use of biomedical technologies is controlled abroad.

The bill has been discussed by deputies since 2009, but a sufficient experimental basis for the implementation of the idea has only now appeared.

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