21 April 2008

Stem "super cells" are isolated in the blood

Scientists from several American universities, led by Michael F. Clarke, isolated a subpopulation from hematopoietic stem cells whose potential for division is 10 times greater than the rest. It turned out that these cells do not carry markers Trp53, p16INK4a, p19ARF – proteins involved in one cascade of reactions – Bmi1.

The researchers created a line of mice knockout by the genes of all three proteins. Hematopoietic cells isolated from the bone marrow of such mice retained the properties of "stemness" 10 times longer than usual. The measure of evaluation here is the number of divisions through which a cell can pass without losing its phenotype.

It is noteworthy that these same genes are turned off in some tumors, although the mechanism of their action is definitively unknown. That does not prevent scientists from making plans to create "immortal" stem cell lines.

The article by Omobolaji O. Akala Long-term haematopoietic reconstruction by Trp53-/-p16INK4a-/-p19ARF-/- multipotent progenitors was published in the on-line issue of Nature on April 16, 2008.

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