25 September 2009

That's rejuvenated...

A woman was taken to the intensive care unit after eating a chestnutLife.Ru  

A miraculous rejuvenation recipe for 69-year-old Raisa K. was advised by a friend. The woman claimed that in just a few months you can lose a single decade if you eat chestnuts every day. These fruits have excellent cleansing properties. Raisa K. could not even imagine that a harmless advice would almost bring her to her grave. As soon as she ate one chestnut, the woman began to suffocate. Frightened relatives called an ambulance. By the arrival of the doctors, the 69-year-old woman was practically unconscious. In a state of anaphylactic shock, she was taken to the intensive care unit of the hospital. It turned out that the unfortunate woman has a severe allergy to chestnuts.

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