29 April 2015

The "cosmic" heart was transplanted to the third patient

The third operation to install an artificial heart took place in France

Victoria Ivanova, RIA NovostiFrench doctors were able to transplant the third autonomous artificial heart in world history, the newspaper Liberation (Eric Favereau, 27 avril 2015: Nouveau coup de greffe – VM) reports, citing unnamed sources.

The operation, as well as the first-ever artificial heart transplant of this model, took place at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in Paris in the strictest secrecy.

The next day, on the website of the developer of the CARMAT heart, the secret was revealed in a press release, both in French and in English: Implantation of the CARMAT heart in a 3rd patient at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital; and here you can see computer graphics explaining how this heart – VM is arranged and works.

"The intervention went well, but the postoperative period was not easy," the newspaper writes.

The world's first fully autonomous artificial heart transplant operation was performed in mid-December 2013. However, a 76-year-old man who had a unique bioprosthesis transplanted died 2.5 months later due to a malfunction in the mechanism.

In the summer of 2014, an artificial heart weighing 900 grams (three times the mass of an ordinary human heart) was transplanted to a patient aged 68 who was overweight. After about six months, the man was able to return to his usual life and even started cycling again.

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