20 January 2010

The fragrance of a woman

Women all over the world spend billions of dollars annually on perfumes with exotic aromas. However, according to the results of the work of Florida State University scientists Saul Miller (Saul L. Miller) and John Mainer (Jon K. Maner), published in the journal Psychological Science in the article "Scent of a Woman: Men's Testosterone Responds to Olfactory Ovulation Cues", the best way to attract the attention of a potential partner is to preserve the natural smell.

It is known that odors play a very important role in the sexual behavior of animals. Studies have shown that the level of testosterone in the bodies of males changes under the influence of odors emitted by females, especially during the most favorable period for conception of ovulation. The authors decided to check whether a person uses a similar mechanism.

In two experiments conducted using the "sweaty T-shirts" method, women slept for three nights in a row (in different phases of the menstrual cycle) in the same T-shirt. Subsequently, each of the male volunteers involved in the work got one of these T-shirts for "sniffing out", or a clean "control". Testosterone levels in men's saliva were determined before and after they sniffed T-shirts.

As a result, as expected, the highest testosterone levels were observed in men who sniffed the T-shirts of women in the ovulation phase. In addition, these same T-shirts seemed to the men especially pleasant smelling.

The authors note that for the first time they were able to obtain objective evidence that olfactory signals emitted by women in the ovulation phase cause biological reactions in men's bodies that stimulate their sexual behavior.

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