01 February 2013

The future "old age pill" will receive 150 million

Skolkovo will allocate 150 million rubles to create a cure for old age

<url>The Tartis-Aging project for the development of new original drugs against systemic aging syndrome and age-related pathologies will receive a grant from the Skolkovo Foundation in the amount of 150 million rubles, the RVC press service reports.

This decision was made at a meeting of the Fund's investment Committee on January 30.

The company "Tartis-Aging" is a portfolio company of the venture fund "Bioprocess Capital Ventures", created with the participation of the capital of JSC "RVC". The main goal of the project is to develop and promote the company's drugs on the Russian and world markets as anti-aging products.

The project involves the development of new original drugs that selectively destroy senescent cells, which are the main cause of systemic aging syndrome and age-related pathologies. The company's concept of slowing down aging by selectively destroying senescent cells is the most advanced in the world. At the same time, the company is a pioneer in the development of such drugs, since work on the project began long before there was interest in this area.

To date, the fundamental possibility of searching for active compounds against senescent cells has been convincingly demonstrated, a technological platform for screening (selection) of chemical libraries has been developed, several promising compounds with selective toxicity against senescent cells have been identified, several molecular targets have been identified.

"Funding from the Skolkovo Foundation will allow the project to complete screening work, carry out chemical optimization of active compounds, conduct preclinical studies of several promising drug candidates and enter the initial stages of clinical trials," Andrey Leonov, General Director of Tartis–Aging LLC, is confident.

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