22 September 2014

The government will fight antibiotic resistance

The US will fight drug resistance of pathogens at the government level


The US government has announced the creation of a working group and an advisory presidential council to address issues of drug resistance of microorganisms. By February 15 next year, experts will have to submit an approximate plan to combat the spread of antibiotic resistance of bacteria.

According to Reuters (White House calls for task force to tackle antibiotic-resistant bugs), a working group will be created under the leadership of the Ministries of Defense, Agriculture and Health. The decision to create a committee of specialists was announced in a 78-page report of the Council for the Development of Science and Technology under the President of the United States (PCAST).

The Council called on the federal government to double funding for the fight against drug resistance, allocating $ 1.8 billion for this purpose, as well as investing $ 800 million annually in the development of new antibiotics.

Currently, about 23 thousand patients die annually in the United States due to infectious diseases caused by drug-resistant strains of microorganisms. The direct costs of the healthcare system for the treatment of such patients is up to $ 20 billion.

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