27 December 2013

The HIV vaccine turned out to be fake

In the USA, a professor confessed to falsifying an AIDS vaccine

Nadezhda Ermolaeva, Rossiyskaya GazetaA professor in the field of biomedicine at the University of Iowa, Dong-Pai Han, falsified the data of a study on the development of an AIDS vaccine in order to receive a grant of $ 19 million.

According to the New York Post newspaper, he added human blood samples with HIV antibodies to rabbit serum. As a result, the professor achieved the deceptive effect of the ability of rabbit serum to develop protective mechanisms to fight HIV.

These studies were published in 2010-2012 in various scientific journals and attracted the attention of a wide range of researchers. Dong-Pai Han and his team received an impressive monetary grant from the government. Later it turned out that the professor's subordinates knew that the results of the study were falsified. However, they continued to keep the secret.

The deception was revealed when scientists from other countries tried to repeat the experience. It didn't work out for them. The American professor had to admit that he had deceived the scientific community and resign.

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