15 June 2012

The island of centenarians is not Okinawa, but Manhattan

Do you want to live longer? Move to New York

America's NewsWhile life expectancy in the US is falling, Manhattan residents have seen it rise by 10 years since 1987.

Researchers attribute this phenomenon to the harsh measures of the New York Department of Health to eradicate bad habits.

The life expectancy of Manhattan residents is 82 years, New Yorkers – 80.6 years. The average life expectancy in the country is three years less.

These figures are given by the Washington Institute for the Study and Evaluation of Health Indicators, which recently studied life expectancy in 3,147 US cities from 1987 to 2009.

Even taking into account the achievement of New York, the researchers found that life expectancy in the country is increasing slowly, by only 1.7 years per decade. This is slower than in other developed countries.

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