19 June 2015

The Ministry of Labor asks for your advice

A geriatric service may appear in Russia

Konstantin Nikitin, "Parliamentary Newspaper"The Ministry of Labor has submitted for public discussion a draft government decree on the establishment of a geriatric service in Russia.

The document proposes to approve the "Strategy of Actions in the interests of elderly citizens until 2025". Within the framework of this program, priority directions of the state social policy in relation to elderly citizens will be determined.

The government is concerned that at the moment every fourth person in Russia is older than working age, and this figure will grow every year. At the same time, there are 1,869 women per 1,000 men aged 60 and older.

According to the explanatory note, as part of the strategy, it is planned to create an additional rate of a paramedic, a specialist in geriatrics in areas with a predominance of elderly citizens. Geriatric departments will be organized in polyclinics and multidisciplinary hospitals. It is also planned to open the Federal Scientific Center of Gerontology and Geriatrics, its branches in the regions and additional geriatric clinics.

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