05 February 2009

The most unsuccessful bribe taker

A law-abiding Indian doctor Balgovind Prasad received a bribe of 51 cents, if its amount is converted into US currency. On which he immediately burned. The doctor committed such a "crime" back in 1985, when taking pity on one poor man, he wrote him a false certificate of a non-existent disease. The "patient", in gratitude from his generosity, counted out the same 25 rupees to Prasad for his services. But it would be better if the doctor did not see this money at all. A criminal case was opened against him and it was considered in court for a very long time. In 1992, Prasad was sentenced to one year in prison. The doctor appealed, he was released from custody, but the case was not dismissed.

It dragged on until last Tuesday, when the Supreme Court of Bihar announced the final verdict. In connection with the confirmation of the fact of the crime committed by Prasad, he is subject to imprisonment. But, given the meager amount of the bribe, his term of imprisonment was reduced to three months. The police have already been ordered to escort the 78-year–old doctor "to his destination" - behind prison bars.

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