05 March 2015

The Russian pharmaceutical industry has fallen

Pharmaceutical production in Russia decreased by a third

Copper newsAccording to the results of January 2015, pharmaceutical production in Russia fell by 34.1% compared to the previous month.

This is reported in the materials of Rosstat. In annual terms, the production of pharmaceutical products increased by 12.2%.

Despite the growth of production volumes in annual terms, there is a significant decrease in output in some positions.

The production of antibiotics in January compared to the same period last year fell by 25.5% to 5.3 million packages. The production of drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases in ampoules also decreased significantly - by 25.7%. In January, 9.7 million ampoules of such drugs were produced.

Also, the production of painkillers, antipyretics and anti-inflammatory drugs in packages fell year-on-year. The production of such drugs decreased by 20.1% to 57.1 million packages. The production of medicines for the treatment of diseases of the digestive and endocrine system in ampoules decreased by 51.6% to 4.8 million units.

The Russian authorities are betting on the production of domestic medicines. The government intends to encourage Russian manufacturers to increase output, preferences are being created for them. In particular, officials decided to close the access of foreign manufacturers to public procurement of medicines and medical products if at least two companies from Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan participate in the competition.

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