18 November 2011

The selection of projects for the creation of nanocenters has been completed

RUSNANO announces the results of the fourth (last) open competition
selection of projects for the creation of nanotechnology centersAccording to the RUSNANO press center, a meeting of the competition commission was held on November 17, 2011, during which the winners of the fourth open competition for the selection of projects for the creation of nanotechnology centers were selected.

They became:

  • Open Joint Stock Company "T-Platforms" (Moscow);
  • Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activities of the Leningrad Region (Saint Petersburg);
  • Open Joint Stock Company "Ural Scientific Research Institute of Technology" (Yekaterinburg).

The winners were selected by the competition commission based on the results of scientific, technical and investment expertise. The teams of these projects have sufficient professional knowledge and experience in the field of commercialization of research results, appropriate financial, human and other necessary resources, and are also supported by regional administrations.

The total budget of the winning projects of the fourth open competition exceeds 4.9 billion rubles, in which the share of the Fund of Infrastructure and Educational Programs will amount to 2.6 billion rubles.

RUSNANO Managing Director Yevgeny Evdokimov noted the high level of preparation of applications received for the last competition: "The winners of the last competition will be a good addition to the previously selected and created nanocenters, and thus form a network of nanocenters, which are an important part of the innovative infrastructure in the field of nanotechnology in Russia."

The winners of the competition receive the right to conclude investment agreements with the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs for the implementation of projects to create Nanotechnology centers.

List of nanocenters selected based on the results of four open competitions:

  • Nanotechnology Center "IDEA" (Kazan),
  • "Multifunctional Nanotechnology Center "Dubna"" (Dubna),
  • NC "Nano– and microsystem technology" (Zelenograd),
  • Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Center SIGMA (Novosibirsk / Tomsk),
  • Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center (Ulyanovsk),
  • TECHNOSPARK Research Center (Troitsk),
  • "Center of Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia" (Saransk),
  • Nanotechnology Center of Composites (Moscow),
  • Southern Nanotechnology Center (Stavropol),
  • NC "T-Nano" (Moscow),
  • North-Western Nanotechnology Center (Saint Petersburg),
  • NC "Yekaterinburg" (Yekaterinburg).

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