25 June 2012

The strike that doctors have been talking about for so long has happened

British doctors went on strike for the first time in 40 years
A third of medical workers took part in the protest
Of the United Kingdom AiF, 22.06.2012

UK medical workers have held a nationwide strike. This protest by British doctors was the first in the last 40 years.

The strike began at midnight on June 21 and ended exactly one day later. A third of British doctors took part in it.

Doctors protested against changing the procedure for calculating pensions and increasing the retirement age to 68 years. According to doctors, the increase in the amount of their deductions is unfair – they still pay higher pension contributions compared to other public sector employees – for example, teachers.

"We don't want to put pressure on the public with our strike. Our arguments are not for the residents of the country, they are for the government," said the chairman of the Medical Association, Dr. Hamish Meldrum.

Because of the strike, therapists canceled about 1.25 million appointments, surgeons — thousands of standard operations. Doctors accepted only those patients who needed emergency care. Only ambulance and obstetric services were operating normally.

The country's authorities intend to increase the amount of deductions, but doctors believe that the government has no right to change the agreements reached in 2008.

According to the government's calculations, four out of five euros of pensions are paid by taxpayers, and only one euro is paid by doctors. This ratio of power does not suit.

In July 2011, Israeli health workers went on strike. They protested against low salaries. Three months earlier, doctors refused a 20 percent salary increase stipulated by an agreement between the Israeli Medical Association and the Ministry of Finance.

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