03 December 2009

There will be a lot of stem cells

American scientists have received new stem cell lines for research
Copper newsThe U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) has approved 13 new human embryonic stem cell lines for government-funded research.

Another 96 lines are under consideration, writes The New York Times (New Stem Cell Lines Open to Research).

The decision to increase the number of stem cell lines available for government research was made in March 2009 by US President Barack Obama. Prior to that, the George W. Bush administration allowed only clones of embryonic cells obtained before August 9, 2001 to be used in experiments.

Starting from this date, scientists had to look for private sources of funding to obtain stem cells from embryos left after IVF. These cells were then used in NIH-supported research. This state of affairs made work much more difficult, since it was necessary to clearly delineate the areas of work financed from different sources.

Of the 13 cell lines approved by NIH, 11 were obtained by George Daley from Boston Children's Hospital, and two more by Ali Brivanlou, a researcher from Rockefeller University.

NIH Director Francis Collins expressed hope that the changes will satisfy the majority of researchers – although they will still be prohibited from obtaining stem cells on their own, they will receive ready-made material for work.

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