30 August 2012

There will be no horror pictures on cigarette packs in the USA

The court confirmed the legality of the ban on the placement of FDA "horror stories" on cigarette packs

ABC MagazineThe United States Court of Appeals issued a ruling confirming the decision previously made by the Federal District Court (US court blocks graphic cigarette warnings).

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was prohibited from forcing cigarette manufacturers to place graphic warnings about the potential health hazards of their products on packs. The Administration has not yet made public statements regarding its intentions to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.

As examples of the harmful effects of nicotine on the body, which were to be printed on packages, the FDA prepared nine images that included photographs of a person connected to a ventilator, diseased lungs and dead bodies. Tobacco companies considered this measure excessive and inconsistent with the actual threats faced by the average smoker – with which the judges agreed, calling the Administration's proposal violating freedom of speech.

Nevertheless, you can download a selection of funny pictures proposed for discussion to US citizens (pdf, 13 MB), print the cutest ones (for example, this one) and hang them in the smoking room to please your colleagues :) – VM.

A decision in favor of the FDA would raise the question of the extent of permissible state interference in the activities of private entrepreneurs, especially if they meant significant losses for the latter. In addition, such images would only turn cigarette packs into another carrier of anti-smoking advertising, the judges believe. The administration, they said, did not provide any evidence of the effectiveness of the graphic warnings.

While cigarette manufacturers consider the court's decision to confirm the First Amendment to the Constitution, in some other countries the restrictions that tobacco companies have to face are much stricter. For example, in Australia they are forbidden to put their logos on packs, leaving only graphic warnings. In Russia, the tactics of "frightening" images will be used from 2013, 12 images that meet the requirements of the federal law have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

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