17 October 2023

Three non-obvious dangers of takeaway coffee

Takeaway coffee from coffee shops on city streets can be hazardous to your health. There are three main, but not the most obvious, risks of regular takeaway coffee consumption.
First, experts are concerned about the containers into which coffee is poured. Coffee cups are only paper on the outside. To prevent the drink from leaking, the inside of the cups is provided with a special coating, it may consist of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate. When heated, particles of microplastic can separate from the container and get into the body.

The second danger of takeaway coffee is the condition of the coffee machine from which the invigorating drink is obtained. Coffee machines need to be cleaned of dirt and plaque on a regular basis. If this is not done, impurities get into the drink. The result can be quite sad, for example, if a retail outlet neglects the rules of cleanliness, there is a risk of buying a latte or espresso with E. coli and other bacteria.

But even if you carry a thermos mug and buy coffee in exceptionally trusted outlets that strictly observe all the rules of cleanliness, coffee can still be dangerous - due to the added sugar. Many coffee drinks include syrup, it also contains sugar, but exactly how much the buyer can not say, because in coffee shops pour syrup "by eye". Sometimes sugar is also added during the preparation of the drink. Therefore, lovers of coffee with themselves risk getting an excessive dose of sugar.

Those who adhere to a proper diet, it is recommended to add sugar to coffee independently. And it is better to do without it at all.
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