15 June 2016

Ultra-precise diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

The test will determine Alzheimer's disease with 100% accuracy

Copper news based on ScienceAlert materials: Scientists have developed a blood test that detects early Alzheimer's disease

A group of scientists from Rowan University has developed a test based on a blood test. It can be used to diagnose Alzheimer's disease at an early stage with amazing accuracy, researchers say.

Currently, it is possible to make a diagnosis only after the appearance of obvious signs of the disease, however, it is much more attractive for both doctors and patients to identify the disease before the symptoms occur. In this case, you can start treatment in a timely manner and prevent the progression of the disease.

Robert Nagele and his colleagues suggested using a test based on the detection of autoantibodies in the blood characteristic of patients with Alzheimer's disease for early diagnosis. They tested its effectiveness on 236 people, 50 of whom were diagnosed with moderate Alzheimer's disease, another 50 had moderate cognitive disorder – an early form of Alzheimer's disease, 50 were healthy, and the rest of the participants in the experiment suffered from Parkinson's disease, breast cancer or multiple sclerosis.

Moderate cognitive impairment was diagnosed in the participants of the experiment on the basis of determination of the concentration of beta-amyloid-42 in the cerebrospinal fluid – its low level indicated the presence of the disease.

The researchers were able to distinguish with 100% accuracy the samples of patients with moderate cognitive impairment from blood samples taken from people suffering from other diseases.

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