08 December 2014

Uterus transplantation: the third baby has gone!

A uterus transplant from the baby's grandmother led to a successful birth for the first time


In Sweden, for the first time, women whose uterus was transplanted from their mothers (the first child was born from a uterus transplanted from an unrelated donor – VM) successfully gave birth, The Telegraph reports. Uterus transplantation opens up new opportunities for women who were born without a reproductive organ, or lost it due to cancer and unsuccessful childbirth (removal of the uterus is the last resort to stop life-threatening postpartum bleeding).

The birth took place in Gothenburg about a month ago, by Caesarean section. One of the patients (29 years old) she was born without a uterus, another (34 years old) uterus was cut out during cancer treatment. Doctors had to convince the mothers of patients to become donors for a long time: they were very doubtful about the success of the operation.

In total, Swedish doctors performed a uterus transplant on nine patients (five from mothers, four from next of kin). However, two women had to remove the new organ due to complications (infection and the formation of clots in blood vessels). The rest of the patients were helped by doctors to get pregnant by inserting embryos into the uterus.

According to Professor Mats Brannstrom, who has been perfecting surgical techniques for more than 15 years, successful childbirth has confirmed the medical benefits of uterine transplantation – such operations will help to defeat the last incurable form of female infertility (uterine).

A uterus transplant will also help women who have experienced several miscarriages in a row.

Uterus transplantation was previously performed in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but only in Sweden successful childbirth followed the operations.

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