09 November 2012

Vote, don't vote – you'll still get... GMO

Californians voted against mandatory GMO labeling

Copper newsCalifornia voters rejected "Proposition 37" (Proposition 37), the adoption of which would have introduced mandatory labeling of genetically modified (GM) food, or food produced from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in the state, according to ScienceInsider (California GM Food Labeling Initiative Defeated).

98.5 percent of voters took part in the November 6 vote, the introduction of a prohibitive measure was rejected by 53 percent against 47 percent of the votes.

"Proposition 37" became the focus of attention and fundraising to support the campaign for its adoption in April 2012. However, opponents of GMO food labeling, including representatives of agribusiness, managed to raise $ 45.8 million, while his supporters of the ban on trade in unmarked products produced using genetically engineered technologies raised $8.4 million for the campaign.

According to preliminary polls, two-thirds of California voters were in favor of Proposition 37. Observers believe that a sharp change in public opinion on the eve of the vote was influenced by the media, which covered, in particular, debates within the scientific community. Shortly before the voting day, the Board of directors of the oldest scientific organization in the United States, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), made a statement about the meaninglessness of "Proposition 37".

According to Mercury News, despite the defeat of their initiative in California, the most populous state, activists of groups supporting the legislative adoption of mandatory labeling of GM products at the federal level intend to initiate a vote on this issue in the states of Washington and Oregon, a street rally in support of "Proposition 37" was held on November 7 in Washington, DC.

Scientists who do not object to the "Proposal 37" believe that, despite the lack of scientific data on the harm of GMO products, labeling is necessary to respect the rights of a person who "should know what he sends into his body."

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