27 November 2023

Doctors have explained which foods actually destroy blood vessels

Doctors are constantly talking about the fact that excessive bread in the diet has a bad effect on health, including the cardiovascular system. However, many experts do not recommend to give up this product completely.

Candidate of Medical Sciences, surgeon and oncourologist Mark Gadziyan pointed out the advantage of rye bread over ordinary white bread.

According to the doctor, people who favor rye bread are less likely to suffer from heart and vascular-related ailments.

"Rye bread has 30% more potassium and 50% more magnesium than white bread," emphasized the specialist.

Consumption of processed meat has a much more negative impact on health. The doctor cited the results of the work of researchers, including those from the University of Leeds, who found that the use of only 25 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk of dementia by 44%.

Also on the list are salt, alcohol and sugar.

As Mark Gadzian points out, again referring to scientists, just six grams of salt a day cause the accumulation of toxic proteins, which can later lead to Alzheimer's disease. In addition, excessive alcohol consumption also leads to vascular dementia.

As previously noted by endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlova, there is one product that she not only "allows, but also prescribes" (in case there is no allergy and individual intolerance).

"This is bread. Ordinary yeast bread, including black," - earlier noted the doctor, specifying that moderately baked bread (not raw, not burnt) from good quality products is an important component of good nutrition.

The important rule is to eat it in moderation, as it is a caloric product.

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