11 July 2008

Wikipedia creates an Internet genoteca

The world network encyclopedia Wikipedia creates a unique online library of human genes. A team of American specialists in the field of genetics and bioinformatics helps to assemble an online electronic genoteca.

The information in the Gene Wiki is downloaded from existing databases on the Internet containing information about the decoded DNA sequences of humans and other organisms. In addition, data about the corresponding protein (if they exist) is uploaded to the page about each gene.

Gene pages are designed in accordance with the standard rules of Wikipedia. The creators of the new project hope that this way of presenting information will allow for a significant increase in the amount of available information.

The articles posted on the Gene Wiki will be supplemented by specialists working with certain genes and possessing highly specialized information. So, it will be possible to add various diagrams, graphs and articles on related topics to the Gene Wiki pages. The developers of Gene Wiki believe that their project can be useful to students, teachers and scientists involved in molecular biology.

According to the plans of the creators, the main task of the Gene Wiki is to unify information for each gene, as well as the ability to add the latest information by specialists as it becomes available.

"In total, a person has about 25 thousand genes. We have only 9 thousand articles on this topic," said one of the participants of the Gene Wiki project from the Institute of Genomics in California. The ultimate goal of the project is to create a database containing information about all currently known human genes.

An article outlining the concept of the Gene Wiki database has been published in the journal PLoS Biology.

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