02 June 2009

Winners of the MS4Doctors competition

The Russian representative office of Microsoft announced the results of the competition for the best software solutions for the healthcare sector – Microsoft4Doctors. The competition was held among Russian software developers in order to increase the level of automation of healthcare organizations in Russia. The best 10 projects selected by the jury will be sent by Microsoft on a special CD to the chief physicians and IT specialists of six thousand medical institutions of the Russian Federation.

"The implementation of projects such as the Microsoft4Doctors competition is a very important area of work for us, as it allows us to attract the attention of IT specialists to an extremely important area for all citizens - healthcare. Informatization of medical institutions not only facilitates the work of employees, but also opens up great prospects for all Russian IT companies and developers," said Roman Sabirov, head of Microsoft's healthcare department in Russia.

The expert jury of the competition included heads of regional medical information and analytical centers, IT managers of large public health centers and Microsoft healthcare experts. The projects were evaluated according to a number of criteria, including usefulness, prospects, ease of installation, ease of use, availability and quality of the supporting site, compliance with current and adaptability to future standards.

According to the terms of the competition, software development was based on the latest Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Office System 2007, which provides a short development time, rich functionality available "by default", and a familiar user environment. An important condition was also a free license for end users. At the same time, a number of solutions have additional, expanded editions and associated paid services.

The winner of the competition was recognized as the development of the "Doctor's Diary" (DoctorsDairy) by Konstantin Bychenkov from NPC Genesis of Knowledge LLC. This application, implemented using the technology for creating Microsoft InfoPath electronic forms, is distributed in open form and can be used immediately or modified for specific conditions and tasks.

The second place was taken by the development of the "Laboratory Journal Template" by Boris Valentinovich Zingerman from the Hematology Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, which provides automation of key tasks of biochemical laboratories, allowing the user to work in a familiar Excel environment. The third place was taken by Alexey Zakharov's solution "Diagnoses and drugs" and "MedPlanning"

The winners will receive gift certificates, as well as marketing support from Microsoft in promoting their products.

"MS4Doctors is a very interesting and innovative competition, I really liked the idea of the competition – so it is quite possible that I will recommend holding similar events in other countries," said Ralph Young, vice president for work with government organizations at Microsoft Corporation.

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