06 June 2012

I don't know what euthanasia is, but I am against it!

20 percent of Russians do not know what euthanasia is

ABC MagazineA fifth of Russians do not know what euthanasia is, and exactly the same number of respondents (32% each) spoke for and against its introduction in Russia.

These are the results of the survey "The Right to Death: Is euthanasia permissible?" conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation (POM) among 1,500 residents of 43 regions of the country.

The main argument of those who spoke in favor is humane considerations, respondents noted that people should not suffer and suffer against their will (20%), 7% are sure that a person has the right to manage his own life, 3% consider euthanasia permissible in the case of an incurable disease, and 1% – in exceptional cases. 1% of respondents had to face this problem personally. Among other arguments – "sick people do not have support from the state", "penniless (maybe hopeless? – VM) patients need it", "with proper control, it is possible."

Among the opponents, the main arguments were religious (8%), another 7% consider it suicide. 6% believe that the introduction of euthanasia can result in various abuses, including criminal ones, and also that it will "untie the hands of doctors too much." 2% explained their position by the fact that medical errors are possible, and doctors should fight for every patient until the very end, by the fact that our country is not ready for the introduction of this norm. Another 2% spoke in the spirit of: "I'm against it. And that's it." As in the previous group, 1% of opponents of euthanasia said that it is possible only in exceptional cases. There were also such reasons as the humanity of Russian laws, the inadequacy of people, a drop in the population and "what if many people want to?".

For euthanasia, people with an income of more than 20 thousand rubles a month, who have a higher education, use the Internet and live in million-plus cities are more likely to speak out.

All types of euthanasia are directly prohibited by the law "On the Basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation"; this norm was also contained in its first version, adopted in 1993. This procedure is allowed in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Luxembourg, with some restrictions – in the state of Oregon (USA). Isolated cases of use are also noted in other countries, the basis for them is always a court order. The main opponent of euthanasia in all countries of the world are religious institutions.

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