10 December 2009

Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology on TV

Good morning, millions see you!For the first time, the central Russian television program "Good Morning, Russia!", as part of a unique creative competition at the IV Internet Olympiad "Nanotechnology - a breakthrough into the future!" will select the best participants who will be able to tell viewers their "success story" in the field of high technologies (nanotechnology).

You will have a real chance to tell millions of viewers about yourself, your colleagues and your work on the channel, which, according to experts, is one of the most objective in covering the development of nanotechnology in Russia. The competition is held by a creative group with a wealth of experience in this field. The participants of this creative competition must meet several simple "qualification requirements", compliance with which will be monitored by the advisers of the creative group of the program "Good Morning, Russia!" – members of the Olympiad jury from Lomonosov Moscow State University.

If you are a schoolboy who has come up with something great and is confident in his rightness, if you are an unknown inventor, if you are a student, a graduate student, a young scientist who has published an outstanding article or won a prestigious competition, if you and your colleagues are interesting people who have something to tell and show millions viewers of Russia, then this is your competition! Tell millions about your discoveries, research, achievements, samples!

So, the task of the creative tour of the program "Good morning, Russia!" for ALL participants of the Internet Olympiad: "Nanotechnology 20 years later"

Part 1. Creative (the most important, rated in points)

"Fast forward 20 years into the future, and imagine that you are now an outstanding and world–famous scientist, researcher in the field of nanotechnology. Today you are a guest in the studio of the program "Good morning, Russia!". The main topic of the interview: "Important discoveries of recent years and the most interesting inventions related to them."

Task: Write this interview. What questions would our presenters ask, and what would you answer. The broadcast time is 5 minutes (approximately 2.5 pages of text with 14 Times New Roman size). Come up with and describe what you could show "material" during this interview (samples, devices, etc.).

The number of winners is no more than two. The winning authors will TRULY become the heroes of the plot of the program "Good Morning, Russia!" on the TV channel "Russia". In addition to other prizes from the program…

Evaluation criteria:

  • Compliance of the work with the task and the proposed topic of the competition (5 points)
  • Originality (5 points)
  • Creative approach (5 points)
  • Common sense (5 points)

The deadline for the start of the competition is from the moment of publication of the announcement. The deadline for the start of work acceptance is from January 25, 2010. To participate in the competition, you must register and become participants of the Olympiad, as well as get acquainted with the section "Videomania" in the Club of participants of the Internet Olympiads in Nanotechnology, where some results of the work of the program "Good Morning, Russia!" are given, as well as all the details of the competition that are missing in this announcement (Part 2 of the competition application is discussed).

In connection with the announcement of the competition, the section "Videomania" has been significantly updated and "lectures" have been added to it:

  • Biological machines
  • Nanotubes
  • Microprinting electronics
  • Photonics
  • Opinions about "nano"
  • Olympiad

Good luck and enjoy watching to all participants! You can start preparing works for the competition. On Tatiana's day we will start receiving them (it only seems that there is still a lot of time :-)))).

A number of new contests are waiting for you in the near future: the Russian Federal Agency for Education, the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, ONEXIM Group, RUSNANO State Corporation, Baer Company, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Binom Publishing house, Kvant magazine, NT MDT company, the Nanometer website itself, other old and new partners of the IV Internet Olympiad. Follow the ads! All competitions will be fully registered ONLY in the relevant sections of the Olympiad Participants Club.

For details, see the Nanometer website.

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